You can read in many books this assertion, which may seem pretentious: "You will not find anywhere else in the world as many works of art as there are in Tuscany" ; but how else could it be, given that Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci worked there!

Tuscany is one of the places that you discover with jubilation, everything seems to be tidy, everything is an inspiration.
Yet, visiting cities and the architectural treasures, you will certainly feel frustrated, because each new stay will show you, every time more obviously, that a whole life would not be enough to see all of the region.

 An open invitation to discover   

According to your wishes, make the programme: it is all up to you to choose!

You can visit Tuscan cities, as the famous Florence, Siena or Pisa, but you can also go and see the marvellous historical cities of San Giminiano, Montepulciano and all those that the travelling guides forget, which you will delight in discovering.

The Tuscan landscape, unique and different, in accordance with the hours, and in accordance with the seasons, will fulfil Nature’s lovers: villas and gardens, in the heart of a wealthy, agricultural, wine-growing region, or going in search of more secret tracks through hills and valleys.


Texts: Hubert TABARD
English translation: Vincent TABARD